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  • Crystal Pigeon

    Novi Sad - Serbia

    Crystal Pigeon is a mobile development agency. We gather a team of developers witch transform your mobile app idea into a product, while you focus on your business. Our work is a process of gathering a team, discussing and brainstorming,...

  • DIGITAL Direct

    Belgrade - Serbia

    We're digital agency providing everything you need to successfully launch, market and grow your online presence: from web design to SEO. Driven by adhering to industry best practices, that save time, money and reputation in the long term. We are...

  • Harryer

    Belgrade - Serbia

    We have a name, and it is not chosen by the change. Not at all. Imagine Harryer as it is, and we are serious and can take any of your digital problems and bring the solution. At Harryer we thrive...

  • Four Dots

    Novi Sad - Serbia

    Our team of experts is composed of eager, versatile people, who love tackling every new challenge and who take the success of each of our clients very personally. Their interdisciplinary expertise guarantees that every issue they might face is always...

  • Makalu

    Belgrade - Serbia

    Each client is unique. First and foremost - we listen. Whether it’s bringing a completely new product to market or an extra pair of hands to help you over the finish line, we’ll help make it happen. Our developers are...

  • CodeIT

    Belgrade - Serbia

    CodeIT is a software and digital company focused on new trends in the field of development, design and IT consulting based in Belgrade. Our team consists of highly educated people "hungry“ for improvement and promotion. We are the place where...

  • MM Studio is international Website Design and Development company based in Belgrade, Serbia. We have a devoted team of virtuosos who are constantly providing required timely solutions to our clients. Our main aim is to create quality web technology services...

  • konstrukt

    Belgrade - Serbia

    We are a brand and product development consultancy that believes design is a problem-solving exercise applicable to any sector, discipline or media.

  • MIDA

    Belgrade - Serbia

    MIDA is a digital agency for brand building specialized for hand-made digital products for developing companies, based in Belgrade (Serbia) since 2010. MIDA brings together a team of 9 professionals with extensive experience in design, development, and advertising. Our main...

  • Growth Agency Sasvim helps startups and scale-ups maximise their revenue by using a data-driven approach to marketing and product development. We primarily work with technology startups and product development teams that struggle with growing and monetising their user base. ⭐⭐We...

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